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Antique Barn-Board Oak Flooring

Product Spec Sheet
Product Spec Sheet

Aging patina, stress cracks and some original saw marks combined with nail holes and solid knots give this grade of flooring a very unique character that is impossible to match with new flooring.

  • Mixture of Red and White Oak
  • Milled from old barn and house boards.
  • Scattered nail and spike holes
  • Occasional worm hole patterns and insect scars.
  • Tight, but possibly open, knots as well as stress crack up to 1/8th inch in width.
  • Occasionally some original saw marks and other signs of previous use.

Much of the lumber used to manufacture our Antique Oak flooring is salvaged from historic barns right here in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

Antique Oak Flooring

This Antique Oak flooring will give you the look and feel of a 100 year old floor.

Antique "Worn Edge" Profile for wide plank flooring

As a unique option on our wider plank flooring, we have a  "worn edge" profile available. 


Most of our flooring is manufactured with the traditional tongue and groove with a square edge at the top. This "worn edge" option, pictured to the right, takes the top edges and slightly eases the corner.


  This replicates the look of an old wide plank floors after years of wear.


This "worn edge" profile is best used on the wider planks from 5" - 9".


Click here to see more pictures of the Antique Oak flooring combined with our "Worn Edge" profile.

 Antique Oak Flooring


The floors pictured above and to the left have the "worn edge" profile and they have also been carefully selected for a darker aged character.  By hand selecting each plank and by being very careful to leave as much original patina on the planks, we have been able to create a very unique and distinctly aged Antique Oak flooring.


When the "worn edge" profile is combined with the old character of barn boards, you will have a wide plank floor that has the look and feel of a floor that has been walked on for many generations.


Antique oak flooring from a recent project in Virginia

"New wood can never measure up to the unique character and warmth of the antique barn board you provide. Our house is unique because of you and your product. Your service is just as unique and warm. Thank you!"   - C, Wolfe, Arizona


This floor is shown in our random width pattern in 3" - 5" planks.



This beautiful beach home in Florida shows our Antique Barnboard Oak in a random 5.5"-8.5" pattern.








Antique oak flooring from a project in Vermont


The project to the left is a picture of the Board Room in The Inn at Bowman's Hill, New Hope, PA. Flooring is shown in a 4" -7" random width pattern.






When left unstained, the Antique Barn-Board Oak flooring has a broad range of colors which adds unique character and warmth to the floors.







Here you can see some close detail of some original patina and nice saw mark character that remains on the face of the planks.
Antique Barn-board Oak flooring planks will have quite a few old nail holes that give a real sense of the history behind each plank.




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 Our Traditional Country Plank Rustic Oak may also be a nice alternative to the Antique Oak.

Take a look at one of our wide plank Antique Oak flooring projects here in Virginia

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